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Premaz za obnovo kopalne kadi EKOPEL 2K-24. Čas sušenja 24 ur.

Premaz za obnovo kopalne kadi EKOPEL 2K-24. Čas sušenja 24 ur.

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Popolnoma brez vonja premaz za kopalne kad. Komplet vsebuje vse, kar potrebujete za barvanje svoje kopalne kadi. Material ni strupen.  

EKOPEL 2K-24 Komplet vključuje:

1 x EKOPEL 2K-24 premaz za kad,  del A (3 kg)
1 x EKOPEL 2K-48 premaz za kad, del B (0,5 kg)
1 x Močno čistilo za kopalno kad. 
1 x Lesena mešalna palica
1 x Brusilni papir
1 x Lopatica

Kopalno kad lahko ponovno uporabite po 24 urah po nanosu (pri sobni temperaturi +23ºC).  Pri nižjih temperaturah bo trajalo dlje, da se premaz strdi.
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Smooth surface!

One should be extremely accurate and professional to get a smooth surface using a roller, brush or something like that. Actually, it is not possible. But with Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit you will get a wonderful result. Even if surface of your bathtub was “eaten” by aggressive cleaning agents with Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit you will get surface like new.

  • ekopel 2k bathtub refinishing coating resurfacing enamel bathroom bath tub

    Excellent hiding power

    Excellent hiding power allows you to resurface bathtubs of any color (even dark gray, brown, green or yellow). No matter what color your bathtub was, your bathtub will become white and glossy after applying Ekopel 2k Bathtub refinishing coating. Just one layer is needed.

  • Pouring method

    Coatings applied by roller or spray should have at least two layers for being consistent. You usually need to have strength and concentration for even distribution of such coatings. It is also not so easy to reach the corners and edges with paint roller. Rather, Ekopel 2k is just poured onto the bathtub is being self-levelled automatically.

  • Safety. Odourless. VOC near 0

    EKOPEL 2K is odourless and safety. The EKOPEL contents no harmful diluents. The material complies with German standard DIN EN 71-3 (Safely for kids toys) by German laboratory ISEGA. EKOPEL 2K is pet safe as well.