About us

PATRIN Global is a manufacturer of paints and varnishes for bathroom renovation, including paints for ceramic tiles and bathtubs. The materials are marketed under the EKOPEL brand name. The EKOPEL trademark is officially registered in the European Union and many other countries.  

The Patrin Global factory is located in Slovenia (EU). Our aim is to develop and produce materials which are safe for humans and the environment. For this reason our paints do not contain volatile organic compounds. Our materials do not have the usual pungent smell of paint and are not harmful to animals or human health.

The company has its own representative offices in the USA, Germany and Slovenia. If you live in another country, you can purchase our products on our official website ekopel2k.com, on Ebay, Amazon or other marketplaces.

Delivery is carried out by shipping companies. Delivery to European Union countries usually takes 1-3 days. Orders from the UK are shipped from our warehouse in the UK, delivery takes 1-2 days and is exempt from customs charges.

In the European Union, our company also provides professional services for renovation of bathtubs and bathrooms in hotels and resort houses. We provide a lifetime warranty on our services.

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