Our mission

Our Mission
  • We should make the best products. We should study and research to make our products quality and modern. It is important for us that you are sure that if you buy our product then it is the best on the market.
  • To be honest with customers. Someone says that a big strong business cannot be built on honesty. In conditions when the majority around lies and embellish the quality and safety of their products, you cannot tell the truth. We do not agree with this. Our founder says "We must be clear like our resins". If our products can be harmful to humans, we need to talk about this and educate people on how to protect themselves using these products. It is our responsibility.
  • To be a nature friendly company. We cannot claim that all of our materials are ecological, we use chemical substances, many of which are harmful to environment. But we must recognize this, educate people how to use and dispose of them correctly. We should also invest in protecting environment and developing alternative products that are less harmful to nature.