Whether this material suitable for my bathtub?

EKOPEL 2K is suitable for any bathtub: cast iron, steel, previously painted, ceramic, and fiberglass.

This material is suitable for acrylic bathtub only if the walls are solid and do not bend. If the bathtub's walls are thick and can be bended by hand pressure, we do not recommend using this material because there is a risk of detachment and cracking.

Our set is designed for a standard bathtub (standard size is 1.7 m (1,5 m) x 0.8 m). If your bathtub is larger you need one full set (3,4 kg) and additional one for 1.7 kg (it is calculated for a shower tray).

To refinish a shower tray, which size is up to 90 cm x 90 cm and up to 20 cm in depth, you need a set of 1.7 kg. If the size of the shower tray is larger, use a set of 3.4 kg.

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