Ekopel 2K Tile&Bathtub enamel

Ekopel 2K Tile&Bathtub enamel

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Ekopel Tile&Bathtub enamel is a great budget-friendly option to change the design of your bathroom. With this coating, you may paint not only a bathtub but also even the walls in the bathroom. This coating is manufactured from the modern materials with the focus on the environmental friendliness. For this reason, it does not contain solvents and does not have pungent odor.

The coating is dazzling-white. The kit also includes two colored pigments: black and yellow. With these pigments, you can create stylish modern gray and beige shades.

Having added these pigments to the coating, you can choose the required color. The coating is easy to apply and is perfectly cleaned after drying. The coating is suitable for steel, ceramic and paint surfaces.

Purpose: Colour varnish coating for bathtub and ceramic tiles.


  1. Before using the product, watch the video on our YouTube channel.
  2. Clean the surface from dirt, dust, silicone, and grease, then polish surface with sandpaper.
  3. Mix the two components in proportion A: B = 100g : 24 g in a separate container. It is recommended to mix the components for 5-7 minutes to obtain a homogeneous composition. Apply a thin layer of the coating to the surface. Wait 60 minutes and apply a second coat. Use a foam paint roller for application.
  4. If necessary, add color paste from the kit at a rate of up to 5% of the A component. For example, if you need a light gray color, then mix 100 g of A component and 2 g of black colour paste.

* We recommend you preparing a new mixture for applying each subsequent layer.

* The lifetime of the prepared mixture is 30 minutes at 25ºC.

* The estimated consumption of the mixture for the first layer is 80 g/m2, for the

second layer - 120 g/m2

* Curing time is 48 hours at +25ºC.

Weight 1240 g (Comp. A 1000 g, Comp. B 240 g)